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Horace X play throughout the year, in the UK and Internationally at all sorts of festivals, clubs, events and parties, storming UV lit stages to drive audiences into outrageously ecstatic dance frenzies... don't forget your fluorescent gladrags!


Booking Information

See Techspec page for PDFs, contact Mark for any further information

"...this one sparks... which means it sounds like nothing I've heard. Nonstop dance drive, Roma clarinet jazz, violin sans bluegrass or sonata, ragga-flavored because the singer's Jamaican. Plus they named their debut after a medieval trombone normally spelled with one T. A MINUS" -
Robert Christgau, Village Voice, 16 June 2003

'Damn fine'
John Peel

'...definitely, definitely, definitely catch them live'
Nick Jordan, Adhoc

' of the most exciting releases I've heard this year'
Paul Donnelly

'Really, catch them live if you can'
Official Cambridge Folk Festival Website 2001

'This really sparks, ideal for party animals and night time people.'
Simon Jones, Folk Roots

'UK roots/rave Horace X, explores the future... changing the way people think about folk music and where it's bounds lie.'
Broose Tulloch, Stylus Magazine

'It's festival music; it's summer party music. Get it for your own party or festival. Play it at home and before long there'll be a festival in your living room, even if you're the only punter.'.
Rock 'n' Reel

Horace X.....the music was hot, hot, hot. Horace X has to be experienced to be believed -- and experience them live if you can
Greenman Review

I would highly recommend that if anyone gets a chance to see Horace X's live act, do so.
The Peak

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