1 First Love* 4’28 (mp3, 900k)
2 She Want* 4’05
3 How Far? 5’18
4 Strategy* 5’00
5 Skin* 4’05
(mp3, 658k)
6 Puppet Show 4’05
(mp3, 545k)
7 It’s about Time 6’15
(mp3, 780k)
8 A Tune for Valerie 5’02
9 Humanity (Strategy) 5’00
(mp3, 648k)

*can be heard on myspace



Horace X
Simon Twitchin: Vocals
Hazel Fairbairn: Fiddle and Viola
Pete Newman: Clarinet, Baritone, Tenor & Soprano Sax, Contra Alto & Alto Clarinet.
Cath Coombs: Vocals (and Cello on 7)
Fabian Bonner: Bass
Mark Russell: Drums and everything else, except:-

Mike Mc Goldrick: Low Whistle on 2
Tom Harding Didg on 3 and 5, Tabla on 5
Steve Lockwood: Harmonica on 3, 4, 5, 7 & 9
Phil Stevenson: Guitar on 3

All compositions by MR, HF & HX except for low whistle/fiddle tune on 2: from a Galizian pipe tune by Xose Budino. Lyrics by ST.
Horn Arrangements by PN & MR
Mixed and produced by MR with help from Nick Watson, Tom Bainbridge (www.realdealproductions.co.uk), HF & HX.
5 string violin made by Bob Thornhill (bchdt73@fsmail.net) to Ian Fairbairn’s design.
Steve Lockwood uses Lee Oskar Harmonicas and HaRmonic Solutions
Photographs by Peter Fuglsand and Steve Bond
Additional Photography by Lizzy Doe (lizzy@melodicdreams.org.uk)
Costumes by Hazel and Christine

HORACE X give praise and thanks to:
All the volunteers at Canadian Festivals, Pedram Badakhchani, Eddie Barcan, Dan Behrman, Becky Brittain, Richard Brown, Roddy Campbell, Christine, Kerry Clarke, Dave Cogan, Continental Drift, Ken Day, Ian & Pat Fairbairn, Rik Fenton, Fleece, The Flying Pig, Joerg Fukking, Ben Garcia, Davy Graham, Martin Green, Owen Green, Sue Green, Higz, Christine Hunter, Susan Hunter, John Peel (Rest in Noise), Matthew, Roland Mertins, Drew Miller, Necmi & Hubble Bubble, Josie Nugent, Stephanie Phillipp, Hugo Rampen, Jamie Renton, Sarah Roberts, Dugg Simpson, Lone Sorensen, Steve & Naomi, Tekla, Walt Turton, Gary Topp, Leyla Tureli, Anyone who has put their ears, hearts, eyes and pockets on the line for original art.



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